was inspired by the notion that everything we were, are and ever hope to be is centered in the heart. Not the physical heart, but round about and next to that organ. The spiritual gateway or center is in the middle of your chest. This spiritual heart center is your seat of power and is of a three fold nature. Divine love, knowledge and strength emanate from this and it is represented here as 3 hearts.

We want to help spread the word that planet earth is being liberated by the light shining from each person who works for the light. If you are here, you are of the light and your light adds to this magnificent accomplishment. Every time you chose light over darkness, love over hate, power over victimization, and “all are one” over “you versus them,” it matters.

Through the blogs, pictures, products and educational material we will bring to you our perspectives about subjects that will help you on this journey. Keep coming back to see all the ways you can benefit from learning to honor your Triple Heart.