Workplace PTSD

 (Posted by Cathy DuBois) In this next Blog of the series on our search for living in a more conscious way, I uncover more of the new agenda being pawned off on workers that, if allowed, will not only cause deep trauma but many other problems that have “unintended consequences.” Please read my prior Blogs to catch-up with this timely and fascinating discussion.  Since becoming more conscious means that we are noticing how we live, who we can trust, and how we have been effected by our choices, we need to understand this topic more deeply, because if you cannot identify a problem you have no hope of solving it.  So let’s begin.

   In a recent article “5 Ways to Promote Work Life Integration Among Your Employees” written by Staci Shepherd  for Employers and Managers, I found many reasons to be wary of the hidden agenda. Read my Blog #10 in this series for her introduction and article link.  Her next point is as follows: 

    2.  Provide Training on How to Stay Engaged in A Healthy Way…continued

    Ms. Shepherd advises her audience (Employers and Managers)  that they must “provide all the technology, tools and training” needed for this integration to be successful and not a burden.  Their employees must be comfortable being plugged in and running all the time. You must check in with them to make sure it is all seen as natural to them or they could become stressed out.

     Most importantly though, she states that “Flexibility in hours does not equal no structure.” She likes to think of it as a mix..thus the integration aspect. She wants you to go enjoy your child’s sporting event and only check your emails before and after. Feel free to watch the game. “That’s integration, not distraction.”

    Her final point here is that people need time to unwind for their good and the company’s. Relaxed employees equal creative employees. “Give their brains and bodies a break from work.”

    I still think that people need to separate work from non-work for mental health and family relations points of view on a very regular basis. Many people would not work for others if they could. They would prefer to use all that human potential and creativity in service to their own agendas. But given that they get to learn a lot by working with the newest technology and  mentors, working for others can be valuable.

    I am quick to say that getting permission to watch my son’s baseball game in full and then, even before I get him home, I get to check and respond to my emails, is not my idea of family life. Give me a break, already.  Employees are people. Human Beings, even.  To keep them so split and distracted for long periods of time is not even possible, let alone healthy. Even total workaholics take days off.

   I began this blog series because I feel that Mental Health in the workplace needs to be acknowledged and addressed.  My title even explains the PTSD in the workplace is caused by all the expectations and deadlines now imposed.  Think what will happen when people get even more regimented.  People will begin to rebel in ways not yet understood because they are creative.  As an Employer today I would remember that probability exists and think really hard about the ramifications of what this person is advising you to do.

      I will write about item 3 that Ms. Shepherd talks about in my next blog.  Don’t miss it as this is really an interesting piece. Be sure and sign up with your email so you don’t miss a thing. 

   When you become conscious that this is actually a process and not a destination, each new revelation will be a challenge and not be so hard to process. If you would like me to help you navigate this passage you are making, please contact me and we can start a dialog.

    If this is new to you, get educated.  But you better hurry up. If you need guidance to navigate through all of the psycho – behavior that you may run into, email me at  I can share links and websites I believe in and follow. I am available to teach you about boundaries and give you some life-skills to help you cope.  Don’t allow disrespectful people to control your life’s path.

    New energies are now flooding Gaia, our beautiful planet. They are also blessing us with the ability to quickly go beyond all that has been holding us back IF that is where we want to go. So please decide you want to be free to live in peace and contribute your love and light to all.

     Please feel free to share this original work with others as it is written.

Thank you.

Author Notes:  Cathy DuBois is a healer, teacher, coach and Dr. of Clinical Hypnotherapy. She is a published author and seeker of truth.  Visit her website at