workplace ptsd, pt 6

 (Posted by Cathy DuBois) In this sixth Blog in the series on our search for living in a more conscious way, I have introduced the concept of  “Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in the workplace.” Please read my last 6 Blogs to catch-up with our discussion.  Since becoming more conscious means that we are noticing how we live, who we can trust, and how we have been effected by our choices we need to understand this topic more deeply. So let’s take a look at the fifth point for this series as I tell you how working has effected my mental health:

Employees who suffer from PTSD going in will be a magnet for any additional trauma.

   If you have stayed with me this far you have read about several workplace stories that illustrate how I was subjected to trauma because other people were suffering from PTSD or other mental health issues.  One was even in a health-related industry.  I was a magnet to them because I suffered from it as well.  It is like a predator who can pick out the weakest prey in the wild.  The prey gives off a signal of some sort that is like a beacon to the predator.

   By this time in my work career I had done no work on my own issues and because of that I was a magnet for people who needed to be abusive because of their own PTSD. In the pecking order of the workplace, I was the prey for the boss who also had PTSD. Both of us needed to do our healing work to remove that signal. Now that I have done my work I can spot these predators a mile away.  It is as if the signal now runs the other direction. I wish everyone would do their work, but since that is a dream, I will read the signals and teach others how to work through their PTSD.

   The moral of this is that I am no longer a great hire to people who prey on others because they had PTSD. They sense my self-awareness during the interview and don’t want me. I can see and feel this during the interview so am happy I didn’t get caught up in another total emotional tornado.  I continue to make stress relief a priority and have learned several quick and easy tricks to help me out as needed.

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    In this Blog series, I will be explaining to you how these 7 things have impacted my working life and how you can spot when this process is affecting yours.  If you are working with others it will affect you at some point.  This is an interesting and much needed discussion. Traumatized people pretty much run the world. If you have noticed this at all, then this discussion will help you understand how that came to be and what must happen for it to stop impacting our ability to  awaken and grow fully conscious.  I will offer some personal experiences I have lived through that will help you understand this topic so you can easily apply this information to your own working life.

    When you become conscious that this is actually a process and not a destination, each new revelation will be a challenge and not be so hard to process. If you would like me to help you navigate this passage you are making, please contact me and we can start a dialog.

    If this is new to you, get educated.  But you better hurry up. If you need guidance to navigate through all of the psycho – behavior that you may run into, email me at  I can share links and websites I believe in and follow. I am available to teach you about boundaries and give you some life-skills to help you cope.  Don’t allow disrespectful people to control your life’s path.

    New energies are now flooding Gaia, our beautiful planet. They are also blessing us with the ability to quickly go beyond all that has been holding us back IF that is where we want to go. So please decide you want to be free to live in peace and contribute your love and light to all.

    This is the New Gaia and is the home of the Creator Beings.  Practice it, think about it and let go of the past.   It is time to chose who you want to be and consciously be that now.  If you want more guidance on this important topic stay tuned for more resources.

Happy creating!

    Please feel free to share this original work with others as it is written.

Thank you.

Author Notes:  Cathy DuBois is a healer, teacher, coach and Dr. of Clinical Hypnotherapy.

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