(Posted by Cathy DuBois)   We need to put on our grownup boots and stomp our way back to being masters of our universe. Take your power back! Learn about boundaries and how to say “NO!”

I have been teaching and writing about boundaries and how important they are for over 20 years. Of all the other topics I have researched I still believe you cannot be a truly sovereign being unless you have good, healthy boundaries. It is very true that “Wherever you go, there you are!”

     Before you begin any journey there is usually some preparation required. If it is a road trip you will need access to current maps, weather reports and information about where you are going and what you will do when you arrive. Motels are reserved and tours are booked.  Car maintenance is preformed and suitable clothing is acquired. You inventory your luggage. You have planned your budget around this trip and dreamed of taking it all year. As the date for departure draws near, you may become a little uneasy because you start to second-guess yourself. Have you forgotten something really important? Will I have enough money? Then you begin to think of all the reasons not to go or all of the things that could go wrong.  If you are leaving your home country it is probably more worrisome to you.

     The departure day finally arrives and you head on out. As the journey gets underway your level of anxiety lessens hour by hour.  You are committed and prepared. You will handle whatever comes up. You’ve got this! The rest will be a piece of cake.

     Being prepared, making sound decisions and taking that final leap of faith takes courage. Setting boundaries is just like that. It is a journey with many sidelines and opportunities for new adventures. It will feel strange and fearful at first.  But if you decide you want to acquire good boundaries you will make plans and follow through. You will not be perfect at it as humanity’s not perfect. But you will improve each and every day.  So will your relationships and working environment. You will be happier and more hopeful. Just setting a boundary sends out energy waves that say you are strong. Others feel that and won’t even have to take any action.  Cool, right? That is what boundaries will do for you.

    If this is new to you, get educated.  But you better hurry up. If you need guidance to navigate through all of the psycho – behavior that you may run into, email me at duboisteam@tripleheart.co.  I can share links and websites I believe in and follow. I am available to teach you about boundaries and give you some life-skills to help you cope.  Don’t allow disrespectful people to control your life’s path.

    New energies are now flooding Gaia, our beautiful planet. They are also blessing us with the ability to quickly go beyond all that has been holding us back IF that is where we want to go. So please decide you want to be free to live in peace and contribute your love and light to all.

    This is the New Gaia and is the home of the Creator Beings.  Practice it, think about it and let go of the past.   It is time to chose who you want to be and consciously be that now.  If you want more guidance on this important topic stay tuned for more resources.

Happy creating!

    Please feel free to share this original work with others as it is written.

Thank you.

Author Notes:  Cathy DuBois is a healer, teacher, coach and Dr. of Clinical Hypnotherapy.

She is a published author and seeker of truth.  Visit her website at www.tripleheart.co

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