(Posted by Cathy DuBois)   Thank you for joining me for my series about my personal journey of awakening as I break out of the trances. If you missed the first ones please click this link before you read further as it will make more sense to you.

I left off last time telling you that my free will had been liberated and that I was ready for the challenge.  The journey that I would take was directed by my deep curiosity and need to know what this grand moment of clarity really meant.  I felt very humbled and grateful for it and knew I had tasted something remarkable.  With that came the knowledge of personal responsibility for my life and how I would live it going forward.

The first thing I noticed was that nothing in my world could stay the same.  I have come to understand that people are afraid to make changes in their lives because they will have to make some really hard decisions about who and what they put their attention on.  It is scary and their egos put up quite a fight.  I was fortunate that my ego had taken cover and was absent for quite awhile. I was freed up to move ahead, make changes and feel safe doing it.

I was eventually moved to drop all my friends and acquaintances, change my employment, sell my home, enroll in college, leave organized religion, and for awhile I even needed to stop communicating with my extended family.  I found a wonderful psychologist, and for the next 4 years did some deep, deep diving into my wounds and trauma. It was an amazing time. This inner work got me interested in psychology and hypnosis and accounts for all my work that has followed.

Now you know why I know I can help you with any emotional problem you may have.  Family dynamics, social pressures and main-stream media create trances that we must break through to heal and find peace.  My mission is to break the hypnotic trances that people operate under.  They don’t know why their lives don’t work and this is a major reason. I have walked the talk, as they say.

Thank you for your interest and stay tuned as I will be writing about examples from my life that talk about the mass hypnosis and trance-formation of the public through various means.  You won’t want to miss that vitally important information.

It is time to chose who you want to be and consciously learn to be that now. Sign up on my website www.tripleheart.co for more information about how I can coach you about many of these practices and teach you what you need to know to get to the bottom of the issues that tie you down and keep you from being free to find relationships that will bring you joy. Shed that Chameleon Coat, that false light, and get to know the real you. Then just watch as the true light shines out for all to see.

This is the New Gaia and is the home of the Creator Beings.  Practice it, think about it and let go of all the old burdens, heartaches, perceived failures, contracts, hard work, etc.  They will no longer serve you.  It is time to chose who you want to be and consciously be that now.  If you want more guidance on this important topic stay tuned for more resources.

Happy creating!

Please feel free to share this original work with others as it is written.

Thank you.

Author Notes:  Cathy DuBois is a healer, teacher, coach and Dr. of Clinical Hypnotherapy. She is a published author and seeker of truth.  Visit her website at www.tripleheart.co