(Posted by Cathy DuBois)   Thank you for joining me for my third blog about my personal journey of transformation.  If you missed my previous post, please click this link before you read this as it will make more sense to you.

The place I decided to go was my religious affiliation. My love hate relationship with the religion I was raised with had been going on since I had left home.  It seemed like when I was involved with it I felt shamed and less than others, never really accepted. When I wasn’t involved with it I soon became guilty and uncomfortable for staying away. I would stay away until I needed relief from these emotional ups and downs and leave again when it all got just too weird.  So I was again going to see if I could “make it” this time and my kids could get some direction I could not provide.

Of course, that was a very fortunate choice in the end.  The boys got more out of control and in trouble with the school and the local police, and the church people just heaped shame and guilt on us for being such “bad people.” A lot more went down and all I could see was that all my dreams and hopes for my children were going right down the clapper. I feared for them and their future.  Everyone else had kids that did weird things but they managed to have it covered up. I watched our world falling apart and for a control freak like me, it was terrifying. The final straw was when I experienced an anxiety attack while playing a piano solo in church. I finally reached my breaking point.

After what would be the absolute last time I ever went to church, I stood next to my piano, in the living room, and cried out my pain and desolation to the heavens. I cried out “I give up.” In the next moment, my worldview and everything I thought was important just dropped away.

Stay tuned for more in my next blog.

It is time to chose who you want to be and consciously learn to be that now. Sign up on my website www.tripleheart.co for more information about how I can coach you about many of these practices and teach you what you need to know to get to the bottom of the issues that tie you down and keep you from being free to find relationships that will bring you joy. Shed that Chameleon Coat, that false light, and get to know the real you. Then just watch as the true light shines out for all to see.

This is the New Gaia and is the home of the Creator Beings.  Practice it, think about it and let go of all the old burdens, heartaches, perceived failures, contracts, hard work, etc.  They will no longer serve you.  It is time to chose who you want to be and consciously be that now.  If you want more guidance on this important topic stay tuned for more resources.

Happy creating!

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Thank you.

Author Notes:  Cathy DuBois is a healer, teacher, coach and Dr. of Clinical Hypnotherapy. She is a published author and seeker of truth.  Visit her website at www.tripleheart.co