(Posted by Cathy DuBois) I had a very enjoyable experience in the workplace recently that expanded my understanding of what can happen when joy, respect and intent are planted and nurtured daily. I know this probably sounds like we were making clay people and painting unicorns all day. But we were not. We were doing accounting. Yes, like in “those bean counters.” Bet you would never have thought there was any possible way that job could be joyful and creative. Well, you would be wrong.

Without all the details of the actual work, it was the management’s style and devotion to a joyful working environment, team cooperation and individual success that was probably at the very heart of this phenomenon. I know it sounds “airy-fairy” to you and that is because your ego is all invested in making you shy away from this new concept. You have been taught well and it might be hard to trust this can be real. All I ask is that you finish reading this blog. Make your ego behave for that long.

The world has been run by men for a very long time. The masculine energy has become very dense and controlling in our world. That means there is a design, an energy that has been put in place to “control” everyone at each workplace. This looks a lot like a pyramid. Top Dog always makes the most money, calls all the shots and fires anyone foolish enough to try to change this system or ask too many questions. People are “Human Resources” and everyone gets to worship at the time clock. There are many middlemen who keep the Top Dog safe and issue his orders and make all the excuses to the lower levels. They get to do all the “dirty work” to stay employed. Men and women are both kept in this trap, by the way, but the energy is Masculine.

As I have written before, this is the New Gaia and is now the home of Creator Beings. The Feminine Energy is pouring in and bathing us 24/7. We can now choose to be consciously aware of the beautiful, joyous, bountiful world just waiting for us to wake up and join it. I had a real experience of that recently and it tasted sweet, so very sweet. It was fun to show up and interact with people who also wanted to be there. Bet you have wished you could work in a place like that, too.

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Thank you.

Author Notes: Cathy DuBois is a healer, teacher, coach and Dr. of Clinical Hypnotherapy. She is a published author and seeker and bringer of truth. Visit her website at www.tripleheart.co