(Posted by Cathy DuBois) When the topic of conversation among friends goes in the direction of the energy changes that are occurring on our planet, it usually happens that someone will bring up the fact that the masculine ways are going by the wayside and are being replaced with the feminine.

Although this is true it can be a hard thing to hear or even wrap your “pretty little head” around if you are male. Men are masculine by nature and quite fond of how that has worked for them over centuries if not millennia. If they have to go the way of the dodo bird it will be with a lot of swearing, growling and beer or (put in your vice of choice.)

There are two points I wish to make about this eventuality. Not the beer/vice but the masculine/feminine thing. First, this is energy we are talking about. That means that the way we conduct ourselves will become more loving, kind and harmonious. Both men and women need more of that in their lives. What this means is that half of the population can do that without too much stress or identity loss. Some women who have been in corporate life and climbed the latter do have a much stronger Ego than would be expected because they had to become “like a male” to work with and be accepted by that culture. Not much feminine energy allowed in corporate America, for sure. Lesson is that a large number of women will also have to discover their way back from this Ego domination.

The second point is that the other half of the population has been totally obsessed with and owned by their Ego. If one looks around at the planet we can see just where that has gotten us in terms of the 1% owning just about everything. This doesn’t mean only 1% have ego issues, just that they have the biggest, most unpleasant, miserable ones on the planet and are mostly men. So by this standard, Ego size does matter and apparently it can continue to grow and grow. There is always more to grab, hoard, spend and do. There are more countries to fight, bombs to build, poisons to spread. No end in sight. No class, race, age group is immune to their grasping, insane ego tripping.

Those who are awake know all about the 1% and I will not speak to more of that here. I want to explain to the regular guy, the man on the street, the one who just sent the missus out to buy that beer, that all is not lost. It will just take some conscious effort to take yourselves out of that trap your Ego sprang a long time ago.
That voice in your head, the one you have always heard, not the ones the AI are now sending you, is your Ego. This nifty little accessory lives in your reptilian brain. That is the lowest order brain and it is only interested in issues of life and death.

Unfortunately, everything looks like everything looks like death to the Ego. Everything that happens to you, good or bad, the Ego instantly wants to judge one way or the other. Shall we flee from this problem, person, thing, job, wife, kids, bear, or shall we stay and fight. This “Flight or Fight Response” was very important in our earliest days. In Modern 21st Century, not so much.

It becomes pretty straightforward what your job is going to be in this new paradigm if you want to be successful in love and life going forward. Learn to listen to that voice, question it and then do what will bring more love, light and harmony to yourself, others and the planet. If you are not sure what to do to make that happen there is always the missus, your mother, or sister who will be happy to show you. You will need to be decerning in your role models as was shown earlier in this post. It will not advance your energy levels to get caught up in some other person’s Ego agenda all over again. Make no mistake about it, the ego is very tricky. It “HAS TO KEEP YOU SAFE” you know?

Yes, in very tiny doses your ego can be a lifesaver. But really, when was the last time you ran into a tyrannosaurus rex on your way home from work? Never fear, your ego will NEVER miss a chance to be in control. This is true even when you have learned to tame it down to a bare whisper. It will not forget how to do flight/fight.

I have attempted to present these truths in a light-hearted manner since the ego just might miss the fact that you will be gently training it to leave you alone. Just thank it for sharing and then do what you are learning about energy balance. That will make your task so much easier. Make no mistake about it, allowing the ego to run the show is what has been responsible for most of the problems we as a planet are now faced with. It is a heavy hitter and will grow as rapidly as you allow. It will never be satisfied as that would be the end or “death” of it.

So as these new feminine energies are flooding the planet and bringing this wonderful loving, harmonious action of peacefulness no one is asking men to be women. We just want all our people to be as free as they can be. Taming the EGO will be a very large part of that and will bring balance to GAIA at last.

Please feel free to share this original work with others as it is written.

Author Notes: Cathy DuBois is a healer, teacher, coach and Dr. of Clinical Hypnotherapy. She is a published author and seeker of truth. Visit her website at www.tripleheart.co and visit Amazon.com for her book “Easy Ways to Set Boundaries and Other Life Skills” plus workbook.