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(Posted by Cathy DuBois) I have posted before about the concept of levels of truth and how we can view the world through a myopic lens at times. Someone else may be present and view the same event as you have and see it with rose colored glasses, and another with crystal clear, 20/20 vision. How is such a thing possible? Aren’t we all seeing the very same thing?

It is well known in law enforcement circles that human beings are notoriously bad as eye witnesses. It is only when they are subjected to hypnosis that events can be recalled with accuracy. We know that human beings have many “filters” which can cause us to really “see” only what we believe to be true or just or right or whatever.

It is this concept that I found very interesting as I watched the internet feeds of the Eclipse today. Most people knew that it was a great, once-in-a-life time event. Some traveled great distances and paid outrageous prices to stay at a place they were sure would provide the best viewing. Some had cameras with special gizmos to see the sun. Everyone was careful to use special viewing glasses and gave the appropriate expressions of surprise and delight as the moon did indeed pass in front of our sun.

All of this made for a great day of unity for humanity and I am grateful for that. I was noticing, though, all the different reasons people came to see it. NASA, for instance, came for the great pictures and any new science they could gather. They had done several experiments and used unique camera work to record the event. Since they are not known for being overly emotive or up front as a company, it was nice to see that their people were super excited. They would answer any questions about it and had plenty of staff present to help out.

The next group of people were the ones who just came out because they didn’t want to miss out on anything. They are the people who can’t wait to see the next installment of some TV show and always know exactly what is happening so they can pass that information along.

There were many other levels of watchers there as well, but the final group were all the Star Seeds, Light Workers, Light Warriors, Visionaries and Alliance members who have a much deeper understanding of what this event held for Gaia and her people. They were meditating, chanting, praying and holding the space for the final break down of our prison.

I should also mention the Cabal as they were also participating, although in a very dark manner, away from prying eyes, hoping to keep the prison planet as it is.

Each of these groups are on a difference level of truth. Each group holds a different level of consciousness and each will handle the coming changes accordingly. It is my hope that those who will seek help and the truth as this New Age is ushered in will be wise enough to understand this “Levels of Truth” concept and believe that all of us are traveling the same path. Some are just ahead and they are waiting for you to catch up.

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