(Posted by Cathy DuBois) After one reads The Parable of the Dancing Buffalo & The Parable of the Dancing Buffalo, Part 2 there will be many layers of truth that can be gleaned from Dancer’s experience. For one, it has always been a world run by males. Women are to look pretty, be agreeable, smile and shut up. We can see, however, that if Dancer had followed those time honored rules the herd would have been in big trouble.

So the first layer we can see easily. It has sunk into our DNA at this point. However, the next layer is now emerging and it is the polar opposite. Feminine energy now floods the earth and with it comes a softening, a giving, a loving that has been missing for many centuries.

We also saw that the wolf pack and the buffalo were enemies. The wolf had to eat, after all. The next layer of truth in this parable is that we are all connected and to pit one person, race, country against another is only hurting the whole. There are now people and companies on the planet who are working to see that everyone gets food and water.

The buffalo leader was in charge, knew best and was not stepping down or aside. His was the right and only way and even though his way was not all that wise he was not able to admit it. Or if he did he didn’t care.

Ego will be the big loser in our new planetary feminine energy. There is no place for it now. If our leaders of the past had been so wise and cared about us we would not be in such dire straights now. And nothing gets fixed using the same model that made it broken… Another layer of truth.

Children of the past have been modeled and bent and shamed into fitting into this ego, masculine based, society of separation. Fit in or else was the truth of it. The new layer of truth shows us that children are very wise and wonderful. With the parents who understand their roles as caregivers correctly, these kids can continue to bring much light and happiness to the world. But luckily, like Dancer, some will figure the new layer of truth out themselves and overcome despite their upbringing.

It is good to be healthy and strong and determined. It is wise to be alert and awake. And the next level of truth is that to be kind, loving and wise will come with practice, just like building muscles. If you pay attention you will see the opportunities for loving. It is a Being of Love and Honor that you will build.

Where we struggle daily with the competition and separation and loneliness, Dancer shows us yet another layer of truth. We have been brainwashed to believe we are separate but that is a lie. The biggest lie of all. All is ONE.

Love is the greatest teacher. It is the only quality that will matter as we climb up these ladders and layers of truth into our new golden age.

Please feel free to share this original work with others as it is written. Thank you.