Triple Heart Blog- August 3, 2017

(Posted by Cathy DuBois) I was thinking about those intrepid seekers of truth who have traveled countless miles, crossed endless seas, and climbed steep mountains to find the answers to “Who am I?” “Why am I here?” and “What do I do with the information I find?” Throughout the centuries we have been blessed with knowing about some of these people; Buddha, Jesus, Mandela and Gandhi are four that come to mind. Even though the physical trip took many routes, the spiritual journey was pretty much the same. There were smaller truths revealed on which to build larger ones and all the while there was the necessity to be ready to conquer personal foibles and figure out how to bridge the gap between what was believed to be true with what was revealed to be the Universal, Unchanging, Truths.

This gap is not a small thing. It could be likened to suddenly finding yourself at the edge of a deep canyon where looking over the rim can cause vertigo and a fear of heights. Though dizziness is usually not life threatening, the ego is not about to let go of running everything and is all about keeping you safe, so matter what. Belief systems take hold because they seem to address certain needs a person has and the ego is all about keeping you “safely” stuck in systems that may have been helpful sometime in the past.

In order to overcome the masterful influence of the ego, these seekers of truth had to move through and beyond the comfort zone of their ego states. Gathering all their courage to “step off the canyon rim” and experiencing the unknown with full awareness that they didn’t truly know if they would be safe. The other way was for the mind to get busy trying to figure out how to bridge the gap between the old and new knowledge and taking small incremental steps toward absorbing the new. The point, though, is that the old belief systems no longer worked and there really was only one option…building and crossing that bridge.

I myself have taken this same journey many times over the last 30 years. It is always the same. I ask the universe for answers, I begin to see, feel, know that sometime has changed, and I begin to focus my attention on the why of the changes. It feels much like being a detective hot on the trail of the suspect. It is exciting and always propels me to the next level of understanding. Then the hard work sets in and I am faced with having to understand the who, what, why and where the old came from to be able to release the old ways and build my bridge to the new knowledge. Forgiveness, patience, and understanding with myself and others always plays a part. Then, eventually, it all clicks into place and I am off to the next question. I have found that a new level of truth and happiness arrives. But is has usually taken a lot of time and energy. The journey has been exhausting and never ending.

So it is with great joy that I can tell you the New Gaia has removed the need to “Build Bridges.” In this new energy, we simply step from who we think we are into who we want to be! Glorious News! No more digging into the past to clear the old, fear of falling off the cliff, or struggling in any way to get from the old to the new. The best news is it happens as fast as you choose to make the decision.

Photo credit: Jason Blackeye

Photo credit: Jason Blackeye

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Author Notes: Cathy DuBois is a healer, teacher, coach and Dr. of Clinical Hypnotherapy. She is a published author and seeker of truth. Visit her website at