(Posted by Cathy DuBois) She was telling her latest adventure to her friends the next day and was met with looks of shock and horror. It was impossible for them to understand and they were perfectly satisfied to stay in their small, petty, meaningless, boring, world of routine.
Furthermore, they thought Dancer was strange, weird and no longer worth having for a friend. They all decided that she was a danger to them and from then on all but one shunned her.

Several days passed and the herd was once again moving toward the river. The rushing water sounded rough and powerful as it crashed over the falls a little way downstream. All the ice was gone but the water was still coming fast from the north and the swimming was wonderful. At least Dancer could feel strong and competent from swimming. She was pretty much alone now except for her mother but they had little in common anymore.

The days were getting longer and the trees were all in full foliage. The grass was tall and very green and tasted sweet. No sign of the wolves had appeared and Dancer was starting to feel relief that they had not attacked the herd. She had not seen the lone wolf again and thought he had probably gone off to die of his wounds.

She knew a great sadness with that thought and realized that his loneliness had been much like her own. She was not ready to give in to the critics yet, however. She knew that her spirit needed to be fed and running was the best way she had found to do that. She wondered how all of the others kept their spirits tended. She wondered about all kinds of buffalo things and even talked to the Great Father and Mother Buffalo Spirits as her mother had taught her to do.

So immersed in such deep thoughts Dancer didn’t hear the bellicose roar of their leader and was taken by surprise when the herd turned and nearly ran her down in their haste to get away from some unknown danger. After the dust settled a little she was able to see what the panic was about. There, right next to their favorite watering hole was the pack of wolves she had warned everyone about. They were waiting around for the meal they knew would be easily had shortly. At the sound of the buffalo approaching they readied themselves to circle and attack before the herd saw them.

Dancer watched in horror as one of her friends was being stalked by the pack. She spent no time analyzing but sprang into action. She charged the wolves with head down, hooves stomping, snorting and bellowing. She managed to direct their attention away from her friend. To any observer it appeared that she was dancing as she moved this way and that, stomping, turning, stopping and charging, then stopping and turning and bellowing all the way.

It was apparent the wolf pack had never encountered this behavior in their prey before and appeared to be somewhat amused by it. They kept up the attack as best they could using their intelligence to act in the moment. Since they had always hunted as a pack, however, they did not have the group consciousness working for them now. Whatever their plan had been for the buffalo herd it was now totally centered on one lone crazy buffalo.

Dancer suspected that they were growing confused and it was at this time that she heard the voice of the lone wolf calling her into the water. “Swim as fast as you can,” he called. “I will hold them off until you get a good head start.”

Not doubting wisdom when she actually heard it, Dancer hit the water at full speed and began to swim hard and fast. The wolf pack had been slowed down by the lone wolf who had already been in the water and was keeping the pack back. The water was running swiftly and the sound of the waterfall was getting closer but they all kept swimming, each with his own agenda. Everyone was at home in the water and all were powerful swimmers. That did not bode well for Dancer or her defender.


Suddenly, at her left shoulder the lone wolf appeared. He knew the waterfall was very dangerous and they needed to get out of the water soon or they would both be doomed. He pressed against her side to try to get her to turn toward shore but she kept to her course.

“I need to keep that pack occupied long enough for my family to make it to safety.” she shouted over the sound of the rushing water. “I feel a great joy and happiness that I was able to help my friend in time.”

“We have to get out NOW!” he shouted but knew it was already too late. The falls were just ahead, the current very fast and the wolf pack was gaining rapidly. They would probably go over the falls as well since Dancer had so captured their attention they seemed totally unaware of the impending disaster.

Dancer’s friend had stayed nearby to watch the scene of death unfold before her. She stood helplessly watching as Dancer and the lone wolf went over the falls together, quickly followed by the wolf pack. She assumed that the lone wolf was the enemy and was just a better swimmer then the rest of the pack.

She was still in shock and had some minor injuries but was otherwise alright. She hurried back to the herd to tell the tale and listen to everyone praise Dancer for saving her life and then alternately blaming Dancer for her foolhardiness.

“I had always told her she was asking for trouble. Running hither and yon.
Let that be a lesson to all you youngsters.  Adults know what’s best. Do what you are told and stay out of trouble,” barked the leader as he puffed up his chest and surveyed all he commanded.

Dancer awoke to the most beautiful, soft light she had ever seen or felt. She was standing in the presence of Father and Mother Buffalo. They welcomed her and in answer to how she got here they showed her a vision of what had transpired at the river.

Dancer was extremely glad that the herd was healthy but noticed that they had gone right back to the same old way of living and not much had changed. She felt her life and death had held no meaning as the herd had not learned from it. She searched her heart for an answer and was quickly informed that the lesson was all for her.

“Your loving heart, great courage, and self-sacrifice brought you joy and happiness even at the very moment of your so called death. Love is always the answer and Love will never go to waste.”

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